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Sending newsletters and email marketing is not easy. You need to work on the design, the graphics and the content. Being busy with all that work, you might forget to check if your content is set to trigger some spam filter which will send your hard work straight to the subscribers' spam folder. IsNotSpam online spam checker was created to help you test email and newsletter content, and alert if it is likely to trigger spam filters.


Simply compose your email and send it to the email address listed at the top of the page, using your usual mail server. You will be able to view an online report detailing potential problems (if any) with your email. Our software automatically checks the main elements which cause emails to be rejected by recipient mail servers. The following tests will be performed:

  • SPF Check
  • Sender-ID Check
  • DomainKeys Check
  • DKIM Check
  • SpamAssassin Check

You'll be able to view the results of these tests online within a few seconds, by clicking the VIEW YOUR REPORT button above.


99.99% of email accounts use spam filters these days. Spam filters recognize spam messages by analyzing message content for spam characteristics. Sometimes these filters fail and mark legitimate emails as spam. Such emails are sent to the Spam folders and are not seen by the recipient. This filter failure is called a "false positive" as it marked a legitimate non-spam message as spam. Newsletter senders and email marketers need to check that their emails do not have spam characteristics in order to lower the risk of their newsletters being marked as spam. By testing your message with "Is Not Spam" you will get a report if and why your message might trigger a spam filter.
Fixing your message is simple:


Q. Is my email address safe? - you won't send us spam yourself, will you?
A. We do not share your email address or any other information with anyone, and we will not send you any spam. We do track the test results in order to improve our service.

Q. Don’t you think that spammers would use your tool and world spam would increase?
A. We monitor the usage of this service, to ensure that any abuse is minimised. This tool was created for people and companies that send newsletters and want to know if their newsletter would get filtered.

Q. I checked my email with your service and I still get blocked. Why?
A. Spam filters check many aspects of emails received. You should check the IP address from which the email is sent to see if it is black-listed. There are many sites that can check if your IP is black-listed. Two of the popular ones are MXToolbox and DNSStuff .

Q. My email triggers spam filters, but I must have these words in my email. What to do?
A. If these words must be included in your email then leave them. Spam blocking systems score emails received and decide which email is spam based on its score. Strict spam blocking systems will block your email and less strict systems might let your email pass if it does not trigger too many filters.

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